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Buffet breakfast

After a well deserved rest in our rooms, restore forces to face with energy your visit to the city of Córdoba with our breakfast buffet. In it you will find our special homemade juice, freshly made and unrepeatable, cut fresh fruits and whole, varied cereals which can be accompanied with yogurt or milk, you decide. For the toast, of white or whole wheat bread, select among edam cheese, cold meat, butter, margarine or extra olive oil, or the most delicious jams: bitter orange, raspberry, plum, strawberry or peach, and of course, the most traditional of our toasts: tomato, extra olive oil and mince ham, simply delicious.


Among sweets we recommend our homemade sponge cake. Regarding the coffee we can't but lavish attention on it, in order to serve, freshly brewed, an espresso, an American or however you wish, you can also enjoy a wide assortment of teas.

Bon Appetit!!

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