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Hotel Casa de los Azulejos


Situated in the vicinity of the, Corredera Square , the house awakens our senses, inviting us in time back to colonial epoch. In 1934 the house took on its final Sevillian architectural style by adding to its subterranean vaulted foundation dating back to the 17th. century.

In 2002 the house was adapted into a charming hotel respecting its colonial style found today in color, vegetation and comfort, well known and appreciated as Andalucía hospitality.


Hotel Casa de los Azulejos (Hotel Ciudad 2*)
c/Fernando Colón, 5
14002 Córdoba
957 470 000

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HOTEL CASA DE LOS AZULEJOS PROYECTO LATINO SIGLO XXI, SL – CIF B14626717 - H/CO/00716 - Calle Fernando Colón, 5, 14002 Córdoba – Telf.957 470 000 – info@casadelosazulejos.com