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the house

Life at the hotel takes place around the lush patio. The ceramic tiles decorating the interior wall designs of the patio are directly out of the factory, Mensaque of Seville, signed and sealed In its authenticity and philosophy.

The noble floor, the marble and iron rods embrace the palm trees, the banana trees and the clivia plants, combining the marvelous arches containing the four universal elements decorating the ceiling of the main staircase.

The bedrooms are decorated in the colonial style, offering originality and comfort. The magnitude of the windows, handcrafted iron cast and wooden furniture , ceramic floor tiles. the original doors found in the corridors and the principal balustrade are well blending with the touches of modern comfort. The bedrooms offer the encounter of different cultures but with a touch of familiarity, a family heirloom, a piece of the past, a restored chimeny found in its original standing. Tropical colors and Andalusia tastes. Indigos, red earth, open spaces character, tradition and modern comforts.

The hotel providing a sacred ground, a library full of wonderfully strange references specializing in gastronomy, architecture, travels and art books. Browsing through, one can come across books recommended by the Official School of Architecture of Cordoba, up to the most updated travel guides. Titles such as; Doña Carmen Titia, sections on installments, or the latest bestseller left behind by our guests. The hotel offers internet connection via email and to reserve your next hotel accommodation or simply to keep in touch with family and friends. The rooms provide Wifi connections as well.

HOTEL CASA DE LOS AZULEJOS PROYECTO LATINO SIGLO XXI, SL – CIF B14626717 - H/CO/00716 - Calle Fernando Colón, 5, 14002 Córdoba – Telf.957 470 000 – info@casadelosazulejos.com