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The House

Located next to Plaza de la Corredera, the house is a sensory delight and a recreational exercise of colonial architecture. Upon the XVII century foundations with subterranean vaults of the, a definitive renovation was added in 1934 adopting its typically sevillian character. Its conversion into a hotel in 2002 emphasized its colonial character full of colour and plants and with the Andalusian hospitality.

Life at the hotel runs around the leafy courtyard coated by tiles from the Menasque factory in Seville. On the main floor, marble and wrought iron are embraced by the palm and banana trees, and the flowering clivias, bundled with the majestic balustrade and the marvelous plasterwork vault of the main staircase painted by Javier and Nino Gamboa with “the four elements”. Once in the rooms, the traditional andalusian style is reinvented creating original and very comfortable spaces. The large windows, handcrafted furniture in noble wood, hydraulic floors, old glass doors of the corridor and main balustrade are combined with the most modern facilities. The alcoves celebrate the meeting of cultures with contention but always ready to show some surprises: a chest of drawers of the family, a historic item, a fireplace rescued from the original building.

The hotel has a sacred space: a library full of rare references and specialized in gastronomy, architecture, travel and art, ranging from titles recommended by the Institute of Architects of Córdoba to the latest travel guides.